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Momball 2023

MomBall 2023

The team would like to thank the following 2023 sponsors. Please check out the 2023 sponsor form to support your MomBall Team.

Harborlight MomBall Sponsors 2023

MomBall Food Drive 2023

MomBall has had a food drive every year to benefit Beverly Bootstraps, our local food pantry that does so much more than just support food insecurity! 

If you want to make your food donation, Harborlight MomBall 2023 is in charge of PEANUT BUTTER! (Plastic containers only, please). There is a collection box near the main entrance. (Harborlight is still a nut-free campus). 

Can't participate in the collection? There is a virtual food drive option for you. Contact Lisa Robbins for our Venmo option: lrobbins@harborlight.net or drop Cash or Check (made out to Harborlight) in the donation box.
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What is MomBall?

The MomBall tournament was started in 1999 by Eileen Moffet as a community building event. It quickly evolved into a friendly competition that fosters city-wide camaraderie and raises much needed funds for Beverly Public Schools and other local charities. All net proceeds from the tournament are donated.
Harborlight joined the MomBall community in 2018, with a team of 15 women with a wide range of softball experience. The Harborlight Team was welcomed by every team and the sense of community and sportsmanship made the team want to improve and return in 2019. In 2019, Harborlight scored runs and made great plays in the field and had so much fun encouraging one another as well as acknowledging what the other MomBallers accomplished.
After the event was canceled in 2020, Harborlight is looking to field a team for the third consecutive tournament. Practices will be held throughout the summer at Harborlight. The opening games of the tournament will be played on Friday, September 17. The double elimination tournament will continue on September 18 and 19.
The following schools are participating in the 2023 MomBall tournament: Alumni, GEMS Alumni, Ayers, BHS, BMS, Centerville, Cove, Essex Tech, Hannah, Harborlight, North Beverly, and Saints Academy.


How do I join?

We are looking forward to this…and many other community building opportunities as the new school year approaches. 

Harborlight's MomBall Team is back and looking forward to starting practices soon, but we need more players! 

If you wish to join the Harborlight Team, please contact:
Lisa Robbins, Manager, lrobbins@harborlight.net

Play Ball!  


Lauren Adams
Sarah Babcock
Katie Bourne
Amie Crawford
Camille Crawford
Toni D'Ambrosio
Tachou Dubuisson Brown
Adrienne Frautten
Elyssa Gustin
Storey Hauck
Erika Higgenbottom
Anna Jobe
Darrah Jordan
Genevieve McHugh
Candice Milan
Heather Mojer
Jamie Oakley
Elaine Rombola
Lily Serge
Aisha Strauss
Tanya Thomas
Amanda Weintraub

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