Elementary Summer

Entering 1st – 7th Grade




Based on the interests of our students, each exciting, week-long session immerses the students in hands-on learning opportunities that supplement and reinforce their academic year learning. Working alongside our talented Montessori teachers is a community of specialty instructors who enhance our summer programs in athletics, performing arts, fine arts and science. In addition to our specialists, we provide enrichment opportunities through guest visitors and field trip excursions. Harborlight alumni and middle school students return each summer in our CIT & Jr. Counselor Program. Their work with the faculty and students is invaluable to our program. Our Montessori graduates have memories of the summer program experiences and are excited to enhance your child’s experience with unyielding energy and enthusiasm.

Our program is diverse and truly has something for everyone — come scientists, thespians, athletes and explorers!

Read more below to learn about each week’s options.




Week One: June 29 – July 2

Celebrate the Fourth: students entering grades 1-3

  • Celebrate July 4th week like never before with patriotic crafts, cooking and activities. Bake fireworks pudding cookies, create red, white and blue decorations and visit a local beach. Participate in a fun holiday parade on campus and prepare a summer picnic to enjoy with friends.

Farm to Table: students entering grades 4-7

  • Where does your food come from? In this program you will learn how to care for plants as you help to tend Harborlight’s vegetable and flower gardens.  Visit local farms and learn about community supported agriculture.  Harvest vegetables and learn to cook delicious vegetarian snacks and meals.

Week Two: July 6 – July 10

The Science of Superheroes: students entering grades 1-3

  • Explore the science behind your favorite superheroes and villains through hands-on activities in chemistry, engineering and technology. Build a super-powered balloon-mobile, experiment with magnetic slime, control the weather with superhero lightning and make an air rocket. Invent your own superhero character as you discover and celebrate your own superpowers.

Magic: The Gathering: students entering grades 4-7

  • Magic: The Gathering is a card game in which players, like wizards, cast spells, summon creatures, and exploit magic objects to defeat their opponents. Jump into this amazing gaming experience with the collector’s card game Magic the Gathering (MTG). Combining mythologies and story lines inspired from many different cultures, MTG allows dreams and imagination to thrive in this card game. Students will learn new strategies and formats for playing Magic: the Gathering all while having a fun time and building cooperative and collaborative skills through playing the game. Magic: the Gathering has been officially named the most complex game in the world by MIT, and it encourages strategic and logical thinking skills. The tuition for this program includes a booster pack of cards.  All students, from beginner to advanced, are welcome.

Week Three: July 13-17

Messy Art: students entering grades 1-3

  • Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get messy!  In this multi-media art class, we will experiment with clay, paint, paper-mache, glue and even shaving cream! We’ll also visit a local park and beach to create some natural works of art.

Bike Week July: students entering grades 4-7

  • Bike week is back with sessions in July and August!  Our popular summer program will include visits to local BMX tracks, rides on scenic bike paths and a trip to the awesome Rye Airfield Skate and Bike Park.  Participants will learn about bike maintenance and explore the science of cycling.

Week Four: July 20-24

Flour Power: students entering grades 1-3

  • Calling all budding bakers! Join us this summer to create and enjoy some tasty treats. We’ll cover food safety and proper use of kitchen equipment and work in together to measure ingredients, mix and stir batters and doughs, knead, shape and bake our creations. Each student will decorate their own apron and will receive take-home recipes to share their new baking skills with families and friends.

Surf’s Up: students entering grades 4-7

  • Do you love the ocean? Our experienced instructors are ready to introduce you to surfing in a safe and fun environment. No experience necessary and all equipment is included! We’ll help you get accustomed to the mechanics and timing of the waves and teach you the skills to enjoy riding them. Experienced surfers will refine technique and learn more advanced maneuvers. Students are required to know how to swim in order to participate in this program.

Week Five: July 27-July 31

Video Games Live: students entering grades 1-3

  • Level up this summer and bring your gaming skills to camp!  Give your thumbs a break and play your favorite video games through active challenges, outdoor sports and games.  Enter into a world of fun by taking on popular games like Fortnight, Mario, Mario-Kart and Pacman.

Art in Action: grades 4-7

  • Grab a sketch book and hit the road! In search of artistic inspiration, we’ll visit some beautiful North Shore parks and beaches, bringing along supplies for painting and drawing projects.

Week Six: August 3-7

Ninja Warriors: students entering grades 1-3

  • Develop your skills and strength with games, obstacles and challenges worthy of a Ninja Warrior! Learn some martial arts basics from North Shore Karate guest instructors, design your own obstacle course and get wet and sandy during our special beach challenge day.

The Wizarding World: students entering grades 4-7

  • Calling all Muggles and Wizards! Join us to immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Harry Potter. The sorting hat will divide you into houses and you’ll create your own unique wand and coat of arms.  Activities will also include care of magical creatures, a snitch scavenger hunt, quidditch training, dueling dementors and much more.  Participation in the tri-wizard tournament will round out this magical week.

Week Seven: August 10-14

Art in Nature: students entering grades 1-3

  • Explore the relationship between art and the natural world through observation of animals, plants, earth, sky and water. We’ll take time to pause and reflect on the beauty that the natural world provides. Read nature stories and poems and take a turn writing some of your own.  Draw and paint what inspires you, write a song or act out a play you create.

Bike Week August: students entering grades 4-7

  • By popular demand, we’re offering bike week twice this summer! The August week will feature visits to local BMX tracks, rides on scenic bike paths and a visit to the Skills and Jump Park at Highland Mountain in New Hampshire.

Week Eight: August 17-21

Harry Potter’s Sorcerer’s Stone: students entering grades 1-3

This magical week will focus on the first book in the Harry Potter series, The Sorcerer’s Stone. Study Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Care of Magical Creatures. Play Quidditch and other wizarding games, learn to make potions, explore the Forbidden Forest, and work together to tackle the Sorcerer’s Stone challenge.

Summer Film Academy with Filmmakers Collaborative: students entering grades 4-6

  • Students will learn skills in scriptwriting, storyboard sketching, character development, improvisation, and camera skills – all in a fun, collaborative and exciting environment. Together, the group will write, shoot, and edit a film in a genre of their choosing. Students will also learn to edit their films using professional edit software like Adobe Premiere Pro. All final projects are eligible for submission into the Boston International Kids Film Festival and viewed on the big screen in front of family and friends.

Week Nine: August 24-28

Showtime: entering grades 1-3

  • Let’s put on a show!  You’ll enjoy rehearsing and performing in a full-scale theatre production while learning more about stage directions, improvisation and character development. Enjoy taking part in all aspects of theatre as we design sets build props and create costumes. On Friday, family and friends are invited to the performance!

Explore the Arts: entering grades 4-7

  • Immerse yourself in music, art, drama, movement and poetry under the guidance of professionals. Focus on one discipline or experiment with many different art forms. Join in theatre games, write a poem, draw, paint, dance and make music! We’ll share our work in a multi-media performance at the end of the week.


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