March Theatre Experience Weeks: Kitchen Catastrophes

Save the Dates!  Friday, March 24th @ 7:00 and Saturday, March 25th @ 1:00 in partnership with Gloucester Stage. You can purchase tickets HERE:

Mayhem is on the menu when celebrity Chef Guy Stagsly and his outrageous reality show Kitchen Catastrophes! visit French restaurant Chez Jacques. While Guy and his crew bring in cockroaches and rats, conduct building renovations, and stage a rigged cooking competition, the employees strive to carry on.
There’s Julie, the level-headed restaurant manager; Jacques, the temperamental chef; and Mickey, the loyal and ambitious dishwasher. Not to be forgotten, there’s also Olive, a shy trainee who needs a lot of supervision.
They’re not only struggling to impress roving food critics, but the stoic health inspector who has dropped in unexpectedly as well! Enjoy a palatable plateful of laughter and surprises with this delightfully delicious production!

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