Middle School's Project Ukraine

Dear Harborlight Families,
We, the Middle School of Harborlight Montessori, are organizing a fundraiser called “Project Ukraine.”
We have a three-phase plan to help refugee children from the Ukraine.
We have been in contact with Lotti & Maxim, the English International Montessori school in Budapest, Hungary, thanks to our Infant/Toddler Teacher, Donna Hingston.  Lotti & Maxim have been taking in, caring for, and teaching, Ukrainian refugees ages 2-14. Our middle school has created a three-phase plan to help this school.
The first phase is: we designed blue and yellow sunflower t-shirts to raise money for donations. Order forms are coming soon!
In the second phase, we will be trying to raise the spirits of the students in Budapest. We will do this by asking Harborlight students to write letters, draw pictures, and make cards to send to the kids at Lotti & Maxim.
The third phase is to have people bring in supplies to donate such as paint, crayons, colored pencils, different kinds of colored paper, textures, glues, etc. In the next couple of days you will see a box in the main hallway. We will then mail the box directly to the school.
The middle school was looking for a way to contribute to the war effort, but unlike donating to Unicef or World Kitchen, this way we know our contributions will go directly to children at another Montessori school. We invite you to join us by purchasing a shirt (or many!) and contributing art supplies.

We are asking for all donations and shirt orders by Thursday, April 14. If you have any questions email Karen at kmcguire@harborlight.net.

Written by Maya (7th), Ollie (8th), and Karen

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