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Each Friday a Middle School student will share a bit about what transpired in the Middle School during that particular week.  Please check back each Friday for the most recent news.
Raquel del Rosario 9/24/2020

Our second week of school flew by knowing how our schedule now works and how our classes go. We have adjusted to not being able to sit close, always sanitizing, and hand washing. On Monday in math we jumped right into learning about tides and the math behind it. During our morning meeting we had a great discussion about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which continued into the week through a Jr. Scholastic article we read about RBG and what could happen to the Supreme court. During our lunch we got down a hat that has been sitting on one of the upper window sills for longer than any of us can remember. Throughout the week we have talked about many notable women who made a mark in history including, RBG, Mercy Otis Warren, and Phillis Wheatly. Going with the history subject we’ve talked a lot about Thomas Jefferson and how he spoke out and wrote about being against slavery whilst being a slave owner himself. In science we’ve been studying astronomy and had a chapter test on Monday. On Friday we have our first P.E. class of the year.
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Sierra:  September 18, 2020

Hello all!

This is the second week of school (of course you probably already know that) and we are all tired from waking up early. Especially the new 7th graders who are really not used to the piles and piles of homework!

During recess we play a game with a giant yoga ball where someone throws it at a person on the swings and they try to kick it as hard as they can. We accidentally got it over the fence of the people’s houses behind the swing playground. Thankfully a very kind man returned it to us. This game proves to be very dangerous to Karen, who has nearly gotten hit way too many times! 

On Tuesday we had a crazy hair day! It wasn’t very crazy though; only a few people actually participated. You may have seen some of the ridiculous do’s on the Harborlight website already. 

We had a two outdoor classroom sessions to go over our current book Brett McCarthy: Work in Progress. 

Karen loves to teach using a great YouTube channel called Crash Course, and since she’s the science teacher (for now) we’re watching lots of astronomy crash courses. The whole class started cracking up when the guy teaching the crash course made really funny movements whenever he exaggerated a word. 

Our new math teacher Aaron is really nice! We’re going over lots of different things including a website called Free Rice. We all thought that was a strange name. Then we found out that it meant however many math problems you get correct, 5 grains of rice were donated to organizations that help the hungry!

Overall this has been a pretty good week with lots of laughing and having fun during breaks. There’s also a LOT of homework outside of class (not to me, the 7th graders haven't seen the worst of it yet.)


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