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  • July

    Harborlight's MomBall Team is Back and Looking for Players

    Harborlight's MomBall Team is back and looking forward to starting practices soon, but they need more players.  You can also help support our team and the Beverly MomBall program by purchasing raffle tickets with great daily prizes from many of Beverly's local businesses.  Read more. 
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  • June

    8th Grade Graduation 2021

    Please enjoy this recording of our 2021 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony

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  • April

    Upper Elementary 2 Shares Their Persuasive Essays

    Please enjoy as some members of Upper Elementary 2 present their persuasive essays to each other. 
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  • Middle School Presents Scenes From Shakespeare

    The Middle School students have been working hard reading Shakespeare, writing original scenes, and even performing!  Please enjoy this collection of scenes.  
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  • Scooping and Transferring Eggs in the Toddler House

    We love watching this toddler work so nicely to scoop and transfer the eggs from one bin to the other.  
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  • Transferring Eggs in the Toddler House

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  • Beautiful Flower Arranging in the Toddler House

    How special is this moment capturing one of our toddlers working wonderfully to arrange flowers and place in the sunshine on the windowsill?
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  • Middle School Reads, The Girl Who Thought in Pictures for World Autism Awareness Day

    This morning the middle school hosted Harborlight’s first virtual assembly for LE and UE! As it is World Autism Awareness Day, the middle school students took turns reading the children’s book about Dr. Temple Grandin, The Girl Who Thought in Pictures. I spoke a little about what autism is, and shared a short YouTube video to help kids relate and understand those with autism in their classroom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtRYKjucDHk I also shared a PBS article with the teachers about autistic characters in some children’s shows. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/pbs-kids-marks-autism-awareness-month-with-characters-on-the-spectrum_n_58eb95ace4b00de14105346b
    April is Autism Awareness Month and some choose to “light it up blue” for awareness, but many in the autism community choose to “light it up red” for acceptance. (Blue was also originally chosen as a color because it was seen as a boy’s disease, but we have ample proof now that it affects girls as well.)

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  • Upper School 2021-2022 Informational Zoom

    In case you missed the informational zoom meeting introducing next year's Upper School faculty and discussing the program, you can watch the recording here. 
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  • March

    Harborlight Solo Band Performances

    Please enjoy some of our Upper Elementary and Middle School Band Members performing solo clips with Jay Daly.  

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  • Grace and Courtesy in the Toddler House

    Ally Leon
    The lessons of Grace and Courtesy are a fundamental element in the Montessori Method and take place every day in our classroom through beautiful and kind language, and thoughtful and purposeful actions. Maria Montessori believed that it is our duty as human beings to work toward and be part of something great which not only serves individual interest but those of all humanity. To understand this relationship, children must be nurtured in the ways of grace and courtesy in order for it to flourish throughout their lives. Within every child there is a need for order. The initial lesson of grace and courtesy is presented in the classroom to children through practical life activities, we use clear language and modeling. Through these activities children learn how to fit and participate in their environment. 
    Over the past few weeks in the Beech Classroom, we have noticed that many children are in the sensitive period for learning grace and courtesy. Each morning we see the children greeting one another at the door, and some lend a hand to friends who may be struggling to put their belongings away. The children are becoming able to identify each other’s emotions and showing concern for a friend when someone is showing signs of sadness. They are becoming more empathetic, aware and compassionate towards friends and are quick to offer help, sympathy or a hug.  The children move throughout the classroom environment peacefully, caring for their friends and environment. A few examples of the children practicing grace and courtesy are:
    • Greeting someone
    • Apologizing or excusing oneself
    • Watching and observing others
    • Waiting
    • Taking turns
    • Asking for help
    • Using a quiet voice
    • Speaking in a polite tone
    • Saying please and thank you
    • Blowing one’s nose
    • Covering your cough/sneeze
    • Washing one’s hands
    • Inviting or refusing a friend (politely)
    • Respecting others and their space
    • Walking around people and objects
    • Sitting on and tucking a chair in
    • Caring for activities, materials, books, and environment
    • Rolling a rug
    • Carrying activities and materials properly
    • Being silent
    • Being kind
    The desire to be gracious and courteous is naturally present within children. As Montessori teachers and parents, it is important that we support their natural desire to be kind and thoughtful through gentle modeling and encouragement. Many of these lessons are not activities that we can find on the shelf, some are through demonstration/modeling and others are simple behaviors absorbed through the child through their careful observation of their world.
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  • Beverly Little League and Softball

    Did you know that if your child attends Harborlight they are eligible by waiver for Beverly Little League and Softball even if you live out of town?  Obviously, if your child is of age and you live in Beverly you are also eligible.  


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  • Completing the Hundred Board for the 1st Time

    We love the joy as this Children's House student finishes the Hundred Board for the very first time.  Congratulations!
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  • Multiplication on the Golden Mat

    The Montessori Math materials are quite magical.  Here is a quick glimpse of a 1st grade student completing Dynamic Multiplication on a material called the Golden Mat.   Watch as she forms 1,456 x 4 and finds the product by carrying over to the next place value with concrete materials.  
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  • January

    Children's House Program at Harborlight

    Please enjoy this recording of our Zoom Presentation detailing the Children's House Program at Harborlight.  We look forward to our older Toddlers moving across the driveway to the "big building" as well as welcoming new friends and families into the Harborlight community.  
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  • Kindergarten at Harborlight

    Please enjoy the recorded Zoom Presentation discussing Harborlight's Kindergarten Program
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  • Lower Elementary at Harborlight

    Please enjoy this recording of our Zoom Presentation discussing Harborlight's Lower Elementary Program
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  • Roots and Wings

    "The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence." Dr. Maria Montessori.   This video of one of the wonderfully independent toddlers in our Infant/Toddler house demonstrates that perfectly.  
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  • Upper Elementary 3 Students Play and Sing "Riptide" by Vance Joy

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  • Upper School (grades 4-8) at Harborlight

    Please enjoy this recording our of Zoom Presentation discussing Harborlight's Upper School Programs
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  • Upper Elementary 2 recites Maya Angelou's "Life Doesn't Frighten Me"

    Upper Elementary 2 recites Maya Angelou's "Life Doesn't Frighten Me"
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