Upper School

IMG_3094Cosmic Education continues into the Upper School Program. At this level, it provides a holistic, organized and integrated framework in which students can learn each academic discipline.  The advanced lessons are rigorously plotted within the daily schedule of classes, independent work time, graded assignments, and interdisciplinary projects.

The goal of the Upper Elementary and Middle School Programs is to encourage students to be explorers and self-directed learners through thematic teaching, observations, and hands on experiences that make them active citizens and students of the world. The dynamic of the classroom is purposefully constructed to engender a collaborative learning workgroup, with areas for concentrated independent quiet work, individualized teacher-student lessons, student-led projects and experiments. Teachers are actively engaged in the classroom, building relationships with students, providing meaningful life lessons, ensuring they are not only prepared academically, but also socially and emotionally so as to develop a strong sense of integrity, character and social justice. On-going interaction with the greater community provides ample opportunity for extended, hands-on learning, cultural experiences, field study research and service-learning.


In a Montessori School, we call this the Going-Out Program.

The Upper Elementary and Middle School course of study reflects an integration of the state standards initiative, newest research on the developmental needs of the emerging and developing adolescent, Montessori philosophy, and current theory of skills necessary for twenty-first century . The curriculum and instruction is designed as a five-year program with an emphasis placed on Humanities, expository and creative writing, oral presentation, and communication. Inquiry-based math, science, and geography provide a strong foundation for future learning. A comprehensive student experience is ensured through a rich offering of year-long expressive arts, student life opportunities such as student government and class business, athletics, band, and theatre.



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