The campus is well-situated on five acres between Route 22 Beverly/Essex and Beverly’s Open Green Space commonly known as Sally Milligan Park, or Snake Hill. The outdoor campus features a greenhouse and raised garden beds, a strip of “Beacon Hill Gardens” off the backside of the main building, open field for sports, three large playgrounds, and an enclosed basketball/tennis court. The headmaster’s house is situated on the main driveway, which at times is rented to staff members and their families when the headmaster resides elsewhere.

The smaller building houses the five infant and toddler classroom, a large-motor indoor space, a full kitchen, and office. This building is the young child’s first school and also their home-away-from-home, therefore, it is affectionately known around campus as the ‘Baby House’.

The main building houses the administrative offices as well as the Library, Art Studio, Performing Arts rehearsal room, conference room, and the following academic classrooms:

  • Middle School – featuring the main amphitheater for Socratic dialogue, science laboratory, Humanities classroom, and full kitchen.
  • Upper Elementary – three classrooms, organized as a suite for grades 4 through 6 in their own wing, including a full kitchen.
  • Lower Elementary- three classrooms organized as multi-age groupings first through third grade.
  • Children’s House- five classrooms organized as multi-age groupings pre-k through k and one classroom for the purpose of Extended Montessori.

 Sustainability in Practice

sustainability in practice

Our Facilities committee and Green Team have directed our effort in utilizing sustainable practices throughout campus.

This includes:

  • a school-wide trash-free lunch initiative
  • a school-wide recycling program
  • composting our food waste in the compost bins and worm farms on campus
  • using organic fertilizer, integrating natural pest management
  • watering playgrounds, fields, and gardens from our well and using sprinklers on timers
  • using low-flow plumbing and day/night thermostats
  • using low wattage lighting and natural light (many of our areas have large skylights)
  • renovating furniture as opposed to purchasing new items and donating items to local non-profits when no longer in use
  • a weather station

New Initiatives

Idle Free

We are currently asking all community members to help make us an “Idle Free”. This means that when students, faculty members, and visitors are waiting in their cars for afternoon pick-ups or morning drop-offs, they make sure to turn off their car’s engine.


Small groups of students have explored how to help the school community by introducing difficult to recycle items and worked on how to improve the way children and adults sort their waste, even waste from home- there are now boxes for these difficult to recycle items such as juice pouches, marker caps, toothpaste tubes, etc. 

Simply Swapable

Parent – Teacher conference days is a great opportunity to swap items from one household to another. Families bring children’s clothing, toys, games, athletic equipment and more to swap with one another. No labeling, no fee.

For more information about Harborlight Montessori and our infant/toddler, preschool, elementary, or middle school programs, please make an appointment to visit our Beverly, Ma campus. You can contact us here