Tuition Assistance

Harborlight seeks to create a diverse community of families and provides tuition assistance programs to adjust the cost of an independent school education whenever appropriate.

Need-Based Financial Aid (for students applying to grades K-8)FAST

A family’s eligibility is determined through an evaluative process beginning with the application.  FAST, Financial Aid for School Tuition, is a service of Independent School Management in Wilmington, Delaware. This secure online program (FAST) computes the parents’ financial statement and recommends an appropriate tuition contribution from the family. Harborlight’s Financial Aid Committee evaluates the recommended award based on available funds. Harborlight determines eligibility for admission and re-enrollment without regard to a student’s application for financial aid. Confidentiality of financial aid applications, records, and decisions is assured.

A Guide to the Financial Aid Process

Click on the FAST logo to begin your application. Your filed 2018 Federal and state income tax returns are to be submitted. Tax forms can be uploaded electronically through the FAST system or mailed.  You may ask for a pre-addressed tax envelope in the Harborlight Business Office to mail your tax forms to:

Independent School Management, ATTN: FAST Processing Center 1316 North Union Street, Wilmington, DE 19806

An application fee of $45 is required and can be paid to FAST online by credit card.

For any questions about the financial aid process: contact ">Jed Dickman, Director of Finance.

Tuition Voucher Program

Massachusetts provides tuition assistance vouchers to students enrolling Infant – Pre-K-4 from families who meet the income eligibility guidelines through Child Care Circuit.

New England Biolabs Scholarship (for students applying to K-8)

The New England Biolabs Scholarship Fund provides tuition assistance to North Shore students from families who meet the Income eligibility guidelines for this scholarship. Scholarships are limited in number each year. For more information contact the Director of Finance, Jed Dickman at .

Montessori Legacy Scholarships (for students applying to 1-8)

Harborlight offers the Montessori Legacy Scholarship to students who have attended the last year/grade level at one of the North Shore’s Montessori Schools.

Scholarships are granted regardless of need at each grade level in the amount of $4,000, and are awarded annually until the student graduates grade 8. Students may apply for financial aid in addition to the receipt of the scholarship award.

Partnering Schools include: Devereaux School ♦ Notre Dame Children’s Class *2018 ♦ Tara Montessori ♦ Melrose Montessori ♦ North Shore Montessori ♦ Newburyport Montessori ♦ Children’s Montessori Center, Danvers ♦ Children’s Workshop, Marblehead ♦ The Bethehem School ♦ Shannon Montessori ♦ Rockland Montessori Academy ♦ Northeast Montessori Academy ♦ Reading Montessori School Don’t see your Montessori school listed? "> Contact Us