Elementary Summer

Entering 1st – 7th Grade

8 week-long  programs that engage the students in hands-on learning opportunities with field trips and overnight opportunities, too!

Based on the interests of our students, each exciting, week-long  session immerses the students in hands-on learning opportunities that supplement and reinforce their academic year learning. Working alongside our talented Montessori teachers is a community of specialty instructors who enhance our Summer Programs in athletics, performing arts, fine arts, history, and science. In addition to our specialists, we provide enrichment opportunities through guest visitors, field trip excursions, and overnight trips for older students. Harborlight alumni return each summer in our CIT & Jr. Counselor Program. Their work with the faculty and students is invaluable to our program. Our Montessori graduates have memories of the summer program experiences and are excited to enhance your child’s experience with unyielding energy and enthusiasm.

Our program is diverse and truly has something for everyone — come shipbuilders, thespians, athletes and explorers!

Read more below to learn about each week’s options.




Invention Convention, July 1-5 (no Summer Program on July 4th)

What will you invent this summer? Enjoy building and deconstruction, experimenting and playing! We’ll have our construction workbench, craft table, hot glue, cardboard, natural materials and lots of great projects and activities! Explore STEM concepts through immersive, hands-on creative challenges designed to challenge and entertain young inventors and innovators.

MAD SCIENCE: Secret Agent Lab,  July 8-12

Look out 007—the Mad Science Spy Academy is in session! From decoding messages to metal detectors and night vision, students will have the opportunity to check out spy equipment and even create their own edible message! Students will use the Secret CodeBreaker to communicate stealthily, like real spies. With the Undercover Observer, students step into the shoes of a spy in action. The Viewer allows them to observe visually which is a key skill that spies need to have! These tools provide a complete undercover kit for students to take home. Classes are taught by a professional Mad Scientist from Mad Science of North Boston.

Percy Jackson’s Challenge, July 15-19

Congratulations! You have been chosen by the Olympians to attend Percy Jackson’s Camp Half Blood! Learn which Olympian has claimed you and embrace your destiny as you participate in challenges involving history, chemistry, physics, engineering and environmental science.  Join the archery team, don Greek garb, build your own chariot, create mythological monsters, and discover the secrets of the Labyrinth as you enter the world of Percy Jackson.

Ready Set Chef, July 22-26

Take a journey in the life of a restaurateur.  Explore what it takes to design a restaurant’s concept, plan menus, draft architectural plans, hire staff and promote your business.  We will visit a popular local restaurant, sample the food, talk to the staff and learn how they cook, create, serve, and run their eatery. Students will launch their own pop-up restaurant on Friday and will be open for business!

Bike Week, July 29-August 2

Bike week is back!  Our popular summer program will include visits to local BMX tracks, rides on scenic bike baths and visit to the awesome Rye Airfield Skate and Bike Park.  Participants will learn about bike maintenance and explore the science of cycling.

Wilderness Explorers, August 5-9

Get off the beaten path and explore the nature by land and sea. Activities will include hiking, canoeing, paddle boarding, and more. Have fun while discovering the amazing biodiversity that is found in our local natural areas. Learn about ecology and conservation while enjoying the great outdoors.

I Survived, August 12-16

Answer the call of the wild and discover what it takes to survive in the wilderness.  Participants will build their survival skills by designing and building shelters, learning primitive fire making, orienteering, crafting tools from natural materials, identifying wild foods, and playing fun outdoor games. The session will culminate in an overnight camping trip, locally based so students have the option of staying overnight or returning home before bedtime.

The Art of Summer, August 19-23

Embrace a beautiful end to your summer!  Using paints, paper, clay, drawing and sculpting materials we will embark on adventures around the world and throughout history as we learn about various artists and cultures while creating our own masterpieces!  In addition to art making in the classroom, we will also experience a local art museum and culminate the week with a small student curated exhibition.


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