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Since 1973, Harborlight Montessori has offered a progressive model of education to young children who have grown to be artists, scientists, authors, business-leaders, and teachers. To ensure that we can continue to deliver the quality education that inspires students to explore their passions and discover how they will contribute to global citizenship, we need your support.
In the independent school sphere, the reality is that tuition covers only a percentage of the cost towards educating each student, every year. Your financial support is essential to bridging that annual tuition gap. Your gift – no matter the size, guarantees current and future generations of Harborlight students the access to talented and dedicated faculty, Montessori materials and experiential learning opportunities, a responsive campus and facilities, and a diverse student body.

Through a financial gift to the Annual Fund, Planned Giving, or by volunteering your time- whatever the size of your gift or however you choose to give, we hope that you will make Harborlight a priority each year.

We are all honored and grateful to educate the second generation of Montessori students now and in the future through the generosity and continued support from our community – past and present.

For more information about Harborlight Montessori and our infant/toddler, preschool, elementary, or middle school programs, please make an appointment to visit our Beverly, Ma campus. You can contact us here


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Goal Participation 100%
The teacher enrichment fund was established in 2001 to provide funding for teacher continuing education. The underlying philosophy of the fund is that great teachers make great schools, and the fund is designated to financially help Harborlight teachers develop their skills and to purse their passions as life-long learners and educators.
Since the fund’s inception, dozens of grants have been given to Harborlight teachers, and not just for traditional education. The fund supports educational trips, workshops, and creative professional development activities.
100% of every donation to the fund is used to support Harborlight teachers, and Harborlight students are the ultimate beneficiaries of the teacher enrichment fund.    

About Harborlight

Harborlight Montessori is an independent, co-educational, day school for children from infant-toddler through grade 8 that is committed to innovative teaching and learning.