Sacred Cod with Maritime Gloucester

Harborlight considers our community partners and the beautiful and diverse landscapes that surround us to be instrumental in the hands-on and experiential learning that we engage in regularly. We are forever aware of how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful region and our coastlines and harbors are certainly a resource that we learn from often.

The ecology and science to be learned from the ocean that we live on is obvious, but equally important to share with our students is the maritime history and what life is like on a working waterfront.  Last week a group of students spent five days with Harborlight’s own, Brian Fackrell, and the incredible staff at Maritime Gloucester.

Below Brian talks about the activities that our students engaged in.

“This past week we got the opportunity to host the Sacred Cod experience week at Maritime Gloucester.  The themes of the week were marine biology, technology and design, human impact, management and observations at sea.  Students started by exploring the basic marine biology and ecology of fish and the food web.  They then had the opportunity to dissect a fish, learn about the parts of the fish and then identify harbor samples under a microscope and learn how important Plankton are to the food web. A visit inside OLLIE, the new traveling ocean, learning lab was also a highlight of their week.

Later students went to the Cape Ann Museum to learn about the fishing industry and boat design and evolution.  Students then learned about human impact on the ocean and how they can become agents of change for marine life.  Our students investigated the management side of fishing and how it operates.  The culminating event was a tour and up close and personal visit of Fisherman’s Wharf in Gloucester, where Nick and Vito showed us the ins and outs of the industry as the Midnight Sun unloaded tens of thousands of pounds of fish.  To cap the week off, students worked on building different crab and lobster traps to set in the harbor as we set sail on the Schooner Ardelle.  The students were thrilled to discover that their traps had caught a variety of crab species. It was truly a game changing experience and a first-hand look into the life and industry of a Gloucesterman.”













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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