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Hola, Pájaro

Knowing full well the importance of learning a second language (or third) Spanish is being introduced to the Toddlers as... View Article

Write From the Start

Beginning in the Kindergarten year children start participating in weekly Writer’s Workshop activities.  Here are some Kindergarteners beginning their very... View Article

Team Work!

The Upper Elementary students began practicing how to challenge and support each other on the low ropes in preparation for... View Article

Hit the Beach

The three Lower Elementary classes enjoyed a morning at Lynch Park as a way of getting to know new friends... View Article


The Upper Elementary students gathered to review the decanomial. Enjoy this quick video to learn more about this Montessori material.... View Article

Out in Space

Elementary students were out on the field creating a scale model of our solar system.  A great example of how... View Article

Helping Hands

A silent and precious example of how beautifully our multi-aged classroom work.  Here is a Kindergarten student helping a new,... View Article

Flags on the 48

On Saturday, September 12th, 48 groups of hikers will climb to the peaks of the 48 four-thousand-foot mountains in the... View Article