Montessori Week Celebrations

Montessori Week celebrations take place in Montessori schools  around the globe each February.  All program levels were excited to celebrate Montessori Week and the life and work of Maria Montessori at Harborlight this week.  They read stories, had discussions, and created beautiful representations of what Montessori and the work in their classrooms means to them. The infants and toddlers enjoyed their carefully prepared environment as they do every other day and week, perfectly laying the foundation for Montessori learning, independence, self-confidence and much more. The infant and toddler staff made a beautiful visual display in the hallway demonstrating how the Montessori method is visible on a daily basis.

Upper Elementary students created amazing pieces of jewelry that also happen to mimic Montessori’s famous bead chain materials and opened their own student run business to raise money for Boston’s Children’s Hospital.  It is not too late to shop at Le Perle to assist them in their mission to raise funds.

Middle School students presented skits to younger students at a morning assembly to kick off the week and all other levels put amazing art work and pieces of writing on display to fill our halls.

Please take some time to appreciate their work in the photos and video below.




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