Middle School Entrepreneurial Unit

Submitted by Middle School students

The Harborlight Middle School students  wrapped up an Entrepreneurial Unit of Study with a field trip to visit a variety of local businesses and speak with the entrepreneurs themselves. Leading up to this, the students completed an exercise with the task of designing a food truck. Their assignment included writing an executive summary, a marketing plan, and researching  what they considered to be their strategic edge in their market.

The Middle School was visited by two parent presenters who both brought their knowledge and experience  to the students. Kellie Walgreen and her business partner, Krissy, spoke to the students about their business, PopIn Booths. They explained all of the steps necessary to owning, marketing, and beginning their business. They explained how they got their photo booth company up and running. The second parent was Debra Thomas. Deb works with Center for Women and Enterprise, a nonprofit charity focused on helping people run and grow their companies. She explained the process of owning and starting a company from a lawyer’s perspective. One thing that the middle schoolers learned is that it definitely takes a lot of hard work and dedication to start and be successful with your own business.

After the on-campus presentations, the students went to downtown Beverly where they were able to speak to local entrepreneurs about their businesses. The first stop was to Auto-Dyne where Marvin Gomez showed the students the particulars of the auto industry. They went to Worthy Girl, a consignment store that was started by Pam Hulbert. They also visited Mario Antonio’s, a barber shop started by Andrew Scarbriel. Finally, they ended their trip at A&B Burgers with Eric Buxton, where they learned what it takes to own a restaurant. Those were just a few of the businesses they stopped at, where they learned about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Another thing that the middle school students learned is that quality and care matters when marketing in a competitive environment and marketplace.

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