Harborlight’s Distance Learning

Staying Connected
Staff are continuing to meet and shape plans to provide their students with daily correspondence and activities to help keep them engaged. Please remember to look at the Student Management System daily.
As a reminder, use this site: Student Management System
  • All five Infant/Toddler classrooms will be sharing on the Infant/Toddler Group bulletin board: Log in, Scroll over “Groups” in the pink bar, select “Infant/Toddler”
  • All six CH classrooms will be sharing on the Children’s House Group bulletin board: Log in, Scroll over “Groups” in the pink bar, select “Children’s House” On that bulletin board you will find messages, videos, links, downloads, etc. Don’t forget to also click on TOPICS and look at the collection of poems, stories, and Morning Messages.
  • Both LE classrooms will be sharing on the Lower Elementary Group bulletin board: Log in, Scroll over “Groups” in the pink bar, select “Lower Elementary” They will also be posting daily on their own Homeroom Page. Click on your child’s name, scroll down through courses, and click on Homeroom. Daily video messages including daily journal prompts and more can be found there.
  • UE will share on their Homeroom bulletin board: Log in, click on your child’s name under “children” and look for their Homeroom under courses. All UE students were emailed their own log in credentials the other day as well. It is very simple for them to see what assignments are due each day. Please make sure that in addition to seeing assignments, you also take some time to look at the bulletin board. Your teachers have been posting daily video messages and more.
  • MS will share on their Homeroom Bulletin Board and in their assignment sections for each individual class. Karen and Brian have been posting daily. Specialists teachers have added assignments in World Languages, Science, and Music. Brian also set up a YouTube channel for math lessons. You can subscribe HERE.


Distance Learning in the Infant/Toddler House
The Infant toddler program has been continuing to deliver ideas for daily activities children can enjoy with families. As you can see in the photos on the SMS, many of the activities are typical Montessori activities that children have experienced at school.
Weekly Spanish video lessons with Paola started this week. I/T teachers are also posting videos of songs and stories each week. Some of the classes have connected through zoom this week and we continue to keep our toddler friends engaged and connected! We welcome feedback and requests from our parents. We truly miss all our Infant and Toddler friends at Harborlight!
Distance Learning in Children’s House
It has been nice to see some faces over the Zoom calls this week and we look forward to seeing more of you! Our teachers have continued to work on our distance learning program and activities-we were able to meet as a group over Zoom as well.
Earlier today we sent out our CH Distance Learning Program schedule for next week. Each day there are links, activities, poems, stories, etc.  that you will find in our Student Management System on the Children’s House Bulletin Board and in Topics. If you would like to pick up a printed copy of the activities, please email Elisa at  by Sunday night. She will leave labeled bags for you on the table next to the front door of Harborlight by 10:00 Monday morning.
Don’t forget to log in each day to see the Morning Message:  https://h-sms.myschoolapp.com/app/#login. We work hard to have them available the evening before so that they are ready to go when the children wake up.
Please remember that one of our CH families has offered to host a virtual freeze dance party each week! Those will take place Wednesdays at 4:00. Be sure to find that information on the CH bulletin board and sign up to join the party under the NEWS section!
Staff are continuing to other activities from home. They are reading books, building fairy houses, baking bread, and much more. It is our hope that giving our younger students the opportunity to see their teachers, hear their voices, and engage in their daily activities will help maintain some normalcy.
Distance Learning in Lower Elementary
Lower Elementary students can turn to their homeroom pages on the SMS each day and see a video message from one of their teachers. As with Children’s House, those videos offer consistency and routine. The videos not only allow students the opportunity to see their teachers, but to hear daily journal prompts, receive assignments, and stay in touch. There is a wide variety of work available in the downloads section of the LE pages and teachers are keeping up to date with assignments. Some have been completing weekly challenges like “Mystery States” and STEM activities.
Our teachers have been working hard to implement our Distance Learning Program and we will continue to work together to support your children and you during this time. Your child’s teacher will keep you updated about Zoom meetings and assignments-don’t forget to log in to see the Morning Message each day! There will also be posts from our specials teachers this week-I will put out an announcement so you will know where to find that information. There will be additional math fact practice sheets available this week as well, along with the assignments and activities that the teachers are providing.
We have added a topic board on the Lower Elementary Bulletin Board for parent support and videos and links to help at home. Log in at https://h-sms.myschoolapp.com/app/#login , go to the Lower Elementary Bulletin board and click on Topics. In the Parent Support Topic, there are several links there including a Montessori Parent Survival Guide. We hope you will find these resources helpful during this unprecedented time.
Distance Learning in Upper Elementary
Upper Elementary teachers have also been recording daily messages to their students. Upper Elementary students are being assigned work via the Student Management system and have been easily navigating platforms like Kahn Academy, Learning.com, and Sheppard Software.
In many cases the students’ work affords them the opportunity to add responses to their teachers and to each other. It has been wonderful to see the correspondence that has been taking place and, dare we say, it is something that probably wouldn’t be happening if they were in a classroom together. They are also continuing with journal entries, math assignments, and book club work.
Students received their literature packets at home via the mail and assignments have been added by the specialists this week as well in Chinese, Spanish, Science, and Music. Jay Daly, Harborlight’s Band Director has also offered to conduct virtual band lessons.
Zoom chats began this week and book clubs will start meeting virtually as well. While listening to the UE students first group Zoom meeting it was obvious that they were excited to see each other and communicate as a group. They spent the first several minutes asking each other what rooms they were in, what was in the background, if they were still in their pajamas. Their enthusiasm was palpable.
Distance Learning in Middle School
The middle school has been busy getting into a new stride with google classroom, morning meetings on zoom, work on khan academy and EVERFI, and of course, reaffirming our identity as a community whether in the physical classroom or not. Brian has continued math work and personal world, while Karen has the students submitting essays via email and learning from PowerPoints with audio recording. The students have done an amazing job adjusting to this learning change, showing that they are independent & ready to take even more responsibility over their own learning.
Karen took her children on a walk through Maudslay State Park and was happy to share her adventure with Harborlight’s students.

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