Harborlight Inclusivity Committee Update

Harborlight Inclusivity Committee Update

It’s been a busy year for the Harborlight Inclusivity Committee!  Here is a list of our events and projects over the past school year:  For more information about the committee and inclusivity resources, see the Inclusivity Committee Group in the student management system database: https://h-sms.myschoolapp.com/app/#login

School Year 2018 Activities

The Inclusivity Committee worked on the following events and projects during the 2017-18 school year. Questions or suggestions for next year? Email Deb Thomas, Committee Chair, at .

Organized a Waking Up White by Debby Irving faculty/staff summer read. One morning of prep week was devoted to discussion in groups.

Conceived an all-school student art project celebrating diversity, on display in the main building lobby.

Created a gender identity best practices “cheat sheet” with vocabulary, language and classroom intervention suggestions; delivered to the faculty with discussion during a faculty meeting in the fall.

Worked with the faculty Curriculum Committee on a curriculum to celebrate black history over several months starting in January, culminating in an UE presentation on African-American inventors during a school assembly and a teacher resource box for all ages.

Held three evening open forums on the topic of race with a facilitator.

Hosted a book fair with Barefoot Books to earn culturally inclusive books for the school library.

Submitted a grant proposal to AMS for money for inclusive books for the school library (not awarded, but we will look elsewhere for grant opportunities).

Organized and raised funds for a half-day workshop for faculty and staff on systemic racism, delivered by Community Change, Inc.

Sought feedback from teachers on requested resources for students with different learning abilities and challenges; determined needs being met by current professional development plan.

Organized an all-school 21-day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge and developed an extensive list of resources for learning about systemic racism and white privilege.

Developed a plan to reach out to families who are not native English speakers to get feedback on their needs and suggestions.

Formed a subcommittee to examine how we can support LGBTQ students and families.

Organized a Harborlight group to march in the Salem Pride Parade on June 23.


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