Covid Update and Distance Learning

March 27, 2020
Dear Harborlight Friends,
I need to start by just saying I miss you. I miss daily visits from Stella and her
stuffed animals, Elin and Althea acting over the top, Charlie doing a number chain, Rose being shy when I say good morning, Farren rolling her eyes at my lame humor, and the late afternoon “customers” at Lisa’s candy jar. I miss their parents and teachers, too. We are above all a community, and it is dislocating not to be able to see you.
We are doing everything we can to maintain our community and to make sure your children are engaged in learning. For this, a huge shout out to our teachers and staff, who, like you, are doing this daily work from home, many surrounded by their own children. School is open, we are just doing it differently, and it is hard work. We are meeting as a faculty and in level teams on a regular basis, sharing feedback, and improving the delivery model and content as we go.
The earliest we can welcome students back to campus is May 4th. In the meantime, we are developing contingency plans, including extending the school year to the end of June and offering summer academic programing to ameliorate “summer slide” and keep our children moving forward on their educational journey. We will keep you updated as these plans develop.
We deeply appreciate the support and feedback we are getting from you. It has been really great to see some of you sharing Harborlight moments on Facebook and other sites. We also rely upon your financial support. Harborlight is a tuition-driven independent school. We are all in this together, and by each of us contributing in our own way to the community, we will get through this difficult time.
As always, I am happy to talk about your concerns and to try to answer your questions. Please reach out.
Be safe, friends…

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