Our library offers a wide variety of resources to support curriculum and student learning. There are many opportunities for students at all levels to become more confident and comfortable as users during their regularly scheduled class visits. The young children enjoy a story and spend time sitting quietly with books; at the end of each visit they take one book home.

Our dedicated librarian helps older students acquire the research and information literacy skills necessary for their studies. They have a scheduled instructional library and media class as well as independent time when they can explore the books and other resources to work on projects in the content areas or make a selection that satisfies their intellectual curiosities. Our school is committed to maintaining and developing a collection of books, periodicals, and digital content that supports our Montessori curriculum and reflects the diversity of our community.

Summer Reading

The days are long and there are many books to read! Books will take you to places you’ve never dreamed of, enjoy the adventure!

Why only use this list in the Summer? Click Here for titles and authors you may like any time of the year!

Birthday Book Program

Through this program, students may select a book of their choice to be given to the Library in honor of their birthday. A book plate with their name and birth date is placed in the front of the book. The librarian or classroom teacher is always happy to make suggestions based on current needs- often student provide a favorite topic or author to help aid in making a selection.  If you cannot think of a title, please consider making a purchase from the Wish List.

Book Fairs

As a community-engaged school, we are committed to working with local bookstores to support the annual school Book Fairs. The Book Shop of Beverly Farms works with us to help support our fairs and also provides an opportunity for our Book Fair patrons to Buy-A-Book-for-Beverly Bootstraps, which gets quality books to families to support early literacy.


Library volunteers provide essential support for library programs. They assist with re-shelving books as well as work on special projects. Our annual Book Fairs are another great way to get involved – The Book Fair work is shared by the Director of Education, the Librarian, and our volunteers who help plan, set-up, and guide book selection during classroom visits.


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For more information about Harborlight Montessori and our infant/toddler, preschool, elementary, or middle school programs, please make an appointment to visit our Beverly, Ma campus. You can contact us here