Tuition Bundle Discount

An Independent School Experience at a Discounted Rate

This almost seems too good to be true right? Harborlight offers an extended-day and extended-year enrollment  “Tuition Bundle” discount at each program level for the Extended Year 2018-2019, beginning July 2018 through June 2019. This program includes access to all days Harborlight is in session for 11-month or 12-month enrollment.

Grades 1-8 $2,050/month
Children’s House PK/K $2,000/month
Toddler House $2,050/month
Infant $2,250/month

*Harborlight Montessori offers the following extended-year enrollment “Bundling Program” and tuition payment plan, beginning July and continuing through June. The total tuition and fees due will be paid in accordance with the Bundling Payment Plan schedule selected. Changes to the student’s enrollment schedule must be submitted in writing to the Business Office. Tuition is subject to retroactive adjustment to published rates in the event this student is withdrawn from the Bundling Program for a lesser schedule. This program is a tuition discount program for full-time, extended-year enrollment; it is not need-based financial aid. With the exception of scholarships, there are no additional discounts for bundling participants. This program provides access to a weekly schedule, Monday through Friday, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, all days the school is open including all six (6) Experience Weeks and child-care only days as marked on the School calendar. Fees associated with Elementary Experience Weeks, Elementary Summer Program, and the cost of travel and overnight accommodations for Class Trips are not always covered by this Program. With this Program, after school Clubs & Classes are offered at the ‘Discounted Rate’ as eligible (see registration form). Participation in either 11-month or 12-month enrollment is mandatory, as is enrollment in the tuition refund insurance program.