¡Bienvenidas Mariposas!

Submitted by Katya Rendón-Dosal, World Language Spanish Teacher

Welcome back Butterflies!

Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary students participated in the Symbolic Migration project 2018-2019 that started last October. The project has shared bridges of communication with about eleven hundred class Ambassador Butterflies that were delivered to more than thirty Mexican schools during fall to spend the Winter residing there.

All butterflies originated from 46 States in USA and 3 Canadian provinces.

Harborlight Montessori, Lower Elementary students are proudly adopting 34 Butterflies that migrated back from México during April of 2019. The Butterfly Exhibit is on display in the Lower Elementary hallway. Please stop by and take a look. They are amazing.

We would like to continue communicating with the children around United States and Canadá who made those butterflies. Some letters are on the way to their creators.

One of our Students in Upper Elementary has received a beautiful letter from a friend that will keep his butterfly forever.

So proud and happy that our students could be part of the Project with Journey North, Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia.

Thank you to all our teachers and Staff who supported this amazing project. It couldn’t have happened without you! (Art, Music, Cultural Subjects, World Language Mandarin and Spanish).










































































































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