Art on the Pier

It is not too late to order your child’s artwork! 

Saturday evening’s Art on the Pier event was wonderful!   Thank you to all who were able to attend.  While the weather didn’t cooperate and we couldn’t exactly enjoy “the pier” part of the evening, every other detail was a great success! It was so nice to spend an evening off campus with so many of you. Thank you especially to Michelle Dyer for chairing this event and for all of the work she did. Thank you to the Parents’ Association for the countless ways they executed the many, many details involved. Thank you to Elisa Pitkin for someone how finding the time to make sure that every single student created a gorgeous piece of art and for working with most of them during the creative process. Thank you to Jay Daly and his fellow musician to further bringing the event to life. Thank you also to other key volunteers such as Kim Lord, Jackie Rapaso, and Stacey Chicoine. Finally, thank you to Maritime Gloucester for the use of their gorgeous venue.

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IMG_2582 IMG_2583

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