How to Apply

To be considered for admission, families first complete the online application.

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Introductions. The admissions process is personalized. Please contact us first before making application.

Tour. The best way to learn more about our school is to visit on a school day. You can schedule an appointment or come to an Open House. 

Observe. We encourage you to spend 30 minutes observing at the level to which you child is applying. A classroom visit helps you understand the prepared environment, the teacher-child relationship, the “whole-child” approach, and the Montessori materials. You can learn first-hand about the education your child will experience at our school.

Apply. While applications are accepted throughout the year on a space-available basis, we encourage you to apply by February 1st for the following school year. You may apply through this on-line portal by submitting all application materials along with the $50 non-refundable application fee.

Parent Visit.  This is a chance for you to meet with the  Director of Admission or the Program Director to talk about your expectations for your child’s education. It is also a chance for us to get to know you. Before meeting with you we will review the student records, reports and teacher evaluations from your child’s current school. 

Student Visit. Once an application is received, we ask that your child visit a classroom. This is an opportunity for your child to get to know us better. If your child is a candidate to grade 1-8, the teacher will administer a student assessment tool to help us determine grade level placement. 

Notification. Harborlight Montessori has rolling admissions as space allows. Admissions decisions for school-age students applying for the next academic year only are mailed March 10. If your child is accepted, you have  30 days to respond by returning the signed enrollment agreement and paying the non-refundable tuition deposit. 

Here’s a quick Q & A to help you get familiar with the process:

Q: When should I apply?

A: Harborlight Montessori actively accepts new applications at any time. In order to secure a space for the academic year, families are encourage to apply before February 1st.

Q: Is it easy to apply online?

A: This easy to navigate paperless tool allows you to complete your application packet on your own time while helping ensure we gather all necessary information to set your child up for a successful year at Harborlight. Our admissions team and the team at Private School Innovator are readily available should you have any questions filling out the application.

Q: What do I do first?

A: The link to the application above will get you started. DecisionDesk is the name of the software we use for the application. All email correspondence coming to you from DecisionDesk will be related to your child’s application. When you enter for the first time, you will be asked to create a user name and password.

(Please note: This link may be blocked by your network administrator in the workplace. Please try it from a personal computer or smart device.)

Q: Do I need to complete the application all at once?

A: No, the application saves all of your progress each time you enter the system. It also helps you track % complete and will notify you if you are missing any required fields as you go. Once all required fields are entered and payment is received, you hit submit!

Q: Do I need to submit my child’s prior school records in the application process?

A: Yes – and it is simple! Our online portal allows you to enter the email address of your child’s prior school. The school will then receive a secure link to your child’s application in order to attach academic records. It’s good to make them aware that an email request will be coming to them from DecisionDesk with a link to upload records.

Q: Do I need to submit student evaluation forms from my child’s prior teacher(s)?

A: For students applying to PK-8 Student Evaluation Forms are submitted by attachment. Similar to school records, these forms will be sent to your child’s teacher through a secure link in or to attach the evaluation.

Q: How secure is my child’s information?

A: The online application portal is COPPA compliant, HIPPA compliant, has a secure SSL, and is TRUSTe certified. In a nutshell, every state and federal requirement for the online collection of child related data is factored into the portal. Any state or federal changes from year to year are tracked via TRUSTe and site updates are scheduled in conjunction.

Q: What if I want to edit my child’s application (for example: we moved from the time of submission and the start of the school year)?

A: Not a problem. The Harborlight Montessori admissions team has the ability to edit your application, if needed. Just send an email or give us a call.